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4 December, 2023
Deciphering the Addiction Engineering Behind Casino Bonuses

Online casinos leverage sophisticated psychological tactics to entice players through bonus offers. These incentives tap into innate cognitive biases and reward-seeking wiring in the brain to foster compulsive gambling habits......

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16 October, 2023
How to earn money in the casino

How to earn money in the casino   Playing in a casino is a unique and unforgettable experience that will surely bring you pleasant moments of fun and if luck accompanies you, it can also mean monetary gains. In this sense, there are several tips from expert players to...

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1 January, 2022
The Outlook of Crypto Gambling in 2022 and Beyond

Before COVID-19, the outlook of bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market wasn't very promising. However, since the pandemic hit, the cryptocurrency market has been thriving and rapidly expanding.  There had been plenty of unchecked stimulus expenditure from the Central Bank...

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24 November, 2021
Introduction Online Casino Bonuses

Introduction to Online Casino Bonuses Traditionally, land based casinos gave bonuses in the form of free accommodation and meals. This is not possible with online casinos like Spin Palace and royal vegas casino, who choose to reward their customers in the form of free...

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20 November, 2021
Most popular compensation programs of online casinos

Most popular compensation programs of online casinos  The faithful players deserve a reward, as it is established in the land and online casinos; and although the former is more profitable than the latter, it does not mean that both do not share benefits equally....

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17 May, 2021
What Would the Future of Slot Machines Look Like?

Slot games generate the most revenue in both land-based and online casinos, according to industry figures. Popular card and table games have lost ground to slot machines in the casino industry. But where will the next generation's technology take them? According to what I've read, there are hundreds of different kinds

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24 January, 2021
Objectives of Casinos bets and games without money

The goal of playing in a real casino will always be to make money on bets with other casino players. Knowing the differences with other board games where there is no money involved is something you need to know. As a tool, you have to use the comparison between casinos...

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13 June, 2020
Everything you need to know about free spin bonuses

Everything you need to know about free spin bonusesThe success of online casinos is due in large part to the bonus that these casinos implement. All players know that by having free bonuses, they have more opportunities to win significant sums of money. Turning this...

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21 July, 2019
NetEnt Casinos that accept Skrill

NetEnt Casinos that accept Skrill NetEnt was established in 1996, which means that it is one of the pioneers in providing services to the online casino gaming house, this is revolutionary in this industry, and indicates that it is increasing every time to high-quality..

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15 July, 2019
The Microgaming wins, get the casinos that accept Skrill

The Microgaming wins, get the casinos that accept Skrill Betway It is one of the best-rated casinos today, and it has earned so much respect with the public that it is a strong competitor of several giant platforms in the industry, such as the PaddyPower in a simple...

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