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The Microgaming wins, get the casinos that accept Skrill


It is one of the best-rated casinos today, and it has earned so much respect with the public that it is a strong competitor of several giant platforms in the industry, such as the PaddyPower in a simple example. Also clear that shows a great commitment to their customers by giving them incredible promotions and offers for games, in addition to unusual flexibility.

The Betway also stands out as an international casino because it opened its doors to a wider public in countries, and the languages ​​exceed 15 in its repertoire of options. The national currencies of these countries are also allowed on the page, which means that users have more freedom and deprive for almost nothing.

It has an interesting store of games in its opportunities, such as cards and table that can be: baccarat, dice, blackjack, roulette, even video poker! In its different forms, of course; and many slots that vary between classic and those with multiple lines of play as if that were not enough, it is also possible to see and participate in live games; here the best ones are baccarat, blackjack, and roulette. All are available 24/7 to the satisfaction of the majority.



It is possible that it is easy to recognize this name because it is one of the oldest platforms in the entire virtual casino industry. Not for nothing has that title as it proves to be also one of the best in its repertoire, also clear of one of the preferred by excellence. Its jurisdiction is in Gibraltar, and its standard is great throughout the internet.

As a Microgaming casino, it is very important, and that is why an exorbitant amount of games are offered daily that satisfy the preferences and needs of each player individually. But the most incredible thing of this entire platform is that it is available in two different versions, one of brazen and another online, there is also one of the smartphones, because the technology advances at a gigantic speed and it has to be up to date.

The offers in the games are many in 32Red, and all have a very great quality that manages to satisfy more than one desire. The most famous game of this casino is undoubtedly the slots as this site manages to successfully offer basic and progressive options of various lines in it, fabulous if you are looking to experiment. In the case of the table, here you can also enjoy a free choice between the traditional and the most special that can come in the form of roulette, Blackjack, poker as pai gow, craps, video poker, and baccarat, among many others.

Security is also another point that they have in their favor in 32Red; this is because it is very good and has a high level of guarantee for customers. And if none of this was enough you can also count on a wide repertoire of options for payment or deposit, among them the Skrill, PayPal, Neteller, and the like.

Royal Panda

Maybe this virtual casino does not have as much antiquity as others on the list, but that does not mean that it has managed to perform well despite the tireless competition. It has been in force since 2014, so it is one of the newest in the network of this industry, it knows how to be reliable and gives the guarantee of entertainment and comfort through fantastic games.

This incredible page dedicated to gambling was established as a professional brand that is licensed by the government of Malta, they even have a relationship with several of the most important software developers globally. It also has an operation that collaborates gradually with the Microgaming, the NetEnt, and the Rabcat; this means that you can give offers for very versatile games that have the mission of satisfying everything that each player wants.

It has many slots of which you have the satisfaction of being available when you need them; it is even known that this is why they have become so famous. The variety in its forms is something that stands out since you can see both the standards and those that are progressive in multi-lines. Board games and card games are also here. As far as video poker is concerned, there are seven variations on this site.

If what you are looking for is to play live games, then here is not wrong to search thanks to this experience is more than present in Royal Panda, all in real time, from roulettes to Blackjack and more; in definitive the games do not have a comparison.

Cruise Casino

Quality is one of the things that stand out in this option, as well as clear of the variety of games and development by the hands of experts in global software. You can have an arsenal of material to entertain almost inexhaustible, with traditional options and a little more elaborate. Live games are also allowed.

Guts Casino

If you know of instant games then you already know a little about this casino, since it is based mostly on it. Its interface is incredible and carries many great games, insecurity they do not skimp on anything, are you looking for a reliable platform that has the necessary requirements to get to have fun? It can only be here because everything that is needed is without any setbacks in between. Live games, opportunities to win great prizes and the possibility of reaching higher than ever; Of course it is also available on different payment pages, Skrill for example.

Most recommended machines

As with slots, in video poker, determining the variance can make the difference between fruitful rounds or devastating losses.

For experienced players, this level of “frequency of charge” comes directly from the payment tables that each machine is exposed -virtual and live-. Thus, it can easily be concluded whether it is worth or not to bet money on said machine.

Why is it important to calculate this? The enumeration that the pay tables establish provides a percentage of the frequency with which the players will charge some money. This can be short and long term, but the idea is always to look for the best reward.

A gambler unfamiliar with video poker and its variances, you can consult several at a time. What the experts recommend is to go for the options of casinos that show their tables, with reliable percentages.

The higher the percentage, the more payments will be received, be it Jackpots or not. However, in a global concept, each machine works in accordance with the game and experience.

A question of credit

Generally, video poker machines reach a Jackpot limit equivalent to four thousand coins, with five slots accordingly. However, to take the opportunity of the big pots, it is necessary to play a considerable amount of hands.

According to the credit, a couple of things are defined. However, the limit of 4 thousand coins can be surpassed by five thousand Jackpots, or up to 10 thousand, increasing the possibilities.

This does not mean that the prizes are going to happen to each other. In fact, at the beginning of this article, it has become clear how astronomical are the possibilities of winning a consecutive jackpot. But, as no one dares to be disgusted with a good reward, they must keep their eyes open to the variants that bring the rewards.

What is the purpose of all this? Online casinos are going to offer their bettors to immerse themselves in video poker with various progressive jackpots. However, what you should pay attention to is the maximum amount of coins. Always, but always, you have to resort to those that admit as much credit as possible.


Probably for a novice player, the benefits of video poker are not immediately exposed. Fortunately, for ignorance, there is an infallible antidote: the ability. This, of course, does not fall from the sky by force of prayers. It develops with sharpness and sufficient determination to learn and train the senses around an objective: the reward.

What is the best way to develop competencies? Practicing the disastrous rounds are necessary to sharpen, to become an excellent strategist and to know that not everything depends on the computations and generators of numbers.

There will be those who lose some money before truly making a profit, but for those who are not willing to sacrifice themselves, there are always the beta-free options, in which to develop these skills.

The Internet is a sea endowed with these alternatives. However, it is always recommended to choose those with more prestige and reliability, such as Bet365 Casino, for example.


Video poker is a game and, as such, has its strategic art. Learn and apprehend for themselves, is part of the most laborious task that players have to travel.

The first steps allow the most basic notions: to know which letters are suitable, how to use them and at that moment. This does not mean that the process is drastically facilitated, but it goes that it doses it in quantity.

Going for the basics is not always the wisest decision, but that should not become an excuse to accept help from games with simulators, tips and some manuals with tricks. In the case of the game in its virtual format, with going to the Configuration, it is enough to activate those little tabs that indicate what to do in a given point.

The idea is not to close, accept the errors and let it be the same machine that helps to amend them. Thus, each reproduction will be a new game opportunity that can bring millionaire rewards. Maybe, even, a double boat.