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Top NZ Progressive Jackpot Online Pokies Sites for 2024 - Best Live Jackpot Pokies Reviewed

Picture this.

You decide you have a couple of dollars to spare, you grab your laptop, Ipad or phone, and you have a go at the pokies.

Graphics spinning, excitement builds up, you are having a good time. That’s what it is all about right? But wait… suddenly after a couple of clicks, something happens. You’ve just make one million dollars.


As unrealistic as this sound, many pokie players only play at Live - Progressive Jackpots games. If you think about it, why not? It doesn’t cost you any bit more than it would cost you to play at a regular pokie without a jackpot.

Progressive Jackpots Games Online

This section is dedicated to the fans and players of progressive jackpot pokies. This section is keen on providing assistance to all kinds of gamblers. It will assist both types of players; the ones that go for the lowest wagers and the ones that go for the highest wagers. Playing this game is basically about the thrill and joy. It is also about being sufficiently lucky to hit the very lucrative jackpot. The value of the jackpot in pokies and progressive pokie will keep on increasing on regular basis on each single machine. This can also work on an inclusive network of gaming machines, which means the value will get higher on the whole network. Networks can operate on one casino or they can be made through many casinos. Jackpot games consume a small percentage of each wager to trigger the jackpot prize. This process allows the jackpot to get absolutely bigger than any prize you might get on non-progressive pokies.

The nature of progressive jackpots

Progressive jackpot games fall under the category of special video pokies. Such games include granting the prize of jackpot to a winner. The value of this jackpot will get higher once a new slot game starts. This increase will stop in case a player becomes a winner and gains the jackpot. The game will take only a small rate of every placed wager to generate the jackpot and make it become higher in value. This means that each time you access your jackpot game you will get a chance of getting bigger gains. Also, there are many pokies games that form a network together to generate a gigantic jackpot prize. Such result is possible through a simple and logic way. The jackpot will get bigger in value when more gamblers access a particular online pokies game. When it comes to wager requirements, you will easily get better and more convenient requirements at progressive jackpots of online pokies compared to the land-based casinos. There is a huge plus you can't really miss noticing at these games; the absolute gigantic jackpot prize. It can come in numbers you love to dream of. Does not it count as a great motive to go for online progressive pokies games? We provide a section that includes the names of all progressive pokies that you can play online for free. At our website, you will definitely enjoy progressive pokies for free without installing or signing up. This will allow you to get a serious training on this type of games. After such training, you can join any of our recommended online casinos to play for real cash. Also, you can keep playing at our site to enjoy the excitement of our selections of free progressive slots.

Basic concepts of the game

Winning the jackpot is not a result of obvious gaming tactics and plans. Jackpot games operate based on Random Number Generator (RNG) that is why players can't really foresee the results. However, there are some important tips that can help in becoming a winner at progressive jackpots. For example, you should provide high wagers if you want to increase your chance of getting bigger gains and the highest limit of wins. This limit can be up to 5 coins. You are completely free to provide lower wagers, but you will eventually get lower wins. The reason behind this situation is that you did not provide the highest limit.

Meaning of Progressive Jackpots

In a simple way, progressive jackpot refers to a variable jackpot prize that is not associated with a specific sum. The value of jackpot will improve with each wager a gambler provides on a certain slots machine or a collection of machines that belong to one casino. This collection is also known as bank of machines. Sometimes, multiple cooperating casinos will contribute to the value of the jackpot. This case is known as networked jackpots. You can always find these networked jackpots at several casinos in Nevada. Megabuck progressive pokies machines at these casinos are for example Megabucks. Once the jackpot is triggered, it keeps on increasing till the amount becomes in millions of dollars. Each jackpot will be reset right after a player wins it. In the world of progressive jackpots, the term reset refers to launching the jackpot from scratch.

The Principles of cashouts in Progressive jackpot

Players need to be fully aware of the cashout principles in the casino they play at. Players can find several casinos that have limits on the sums of money that each player can cash out each month. So, you should not be surprised when you see a condition in the casino's payment principles that indicate limitations on cashout process. This condition might take the following form" the highest amount a gambler can cash out in a month equals 9999 dollars or what equals this sum in other currencies. In other cases, a casino might add the following phrase" this amount is not applicable to the gains of progressive jackpots." Such phrase is ideal to all fans of jackpots, but it is not very common in casinos. In all cases, it is important to know your withdrawal possibilities in case of hitting the jackpot. Such knowledge can spare you the disappointment of late discovery that the casino will let you take your gains divided into many parts. Let alone the doubt that will consume you all the time wandering if this casino will be out there long enough to give you all your money. This is not a very rare occurrence, as it did take place before. Our site will perform analysis on the T&C of all online casinos that we rate. This will help all gamblers identify the cashout principles of each casino. We will make sure that our readers will not be left to be surprised by unobvious tricks in that matter.

More games that belong to the progressive category

You should know that progressive jackpots can be found in other game categories. You can enjoy them on video pokers, some types of blackjacks and table games. The game Caribbean Stud Poker is a table game that provides jackpots regularly. In some other types of table games, players can find progressives that generate from their additional wagers. You can join specific rooms of poker to find bad beat jackpot, which is a popular type of jackpots. Playing progressive jackpot on video poker machines will let you identify the peak of each game. These games also provide all player known chances, as the machines can imitate a real card deck. This means that a player can predict the time of getting a royal flush, which can happen in one hand out of 40k hands. If the game shows a bet of positive expectation, the jackpot will be sufficiently high at this point. Such case is not really common at casinos. ShuffleMaster has invented the popular game of Caribbean Stud Poker. The concept of game depends on stud of 5 cards. In case a player has royal flush, he will be announced as the winner of the jackpot. If another player has a straight flush, he will have the right to claim 10% of the prize. However, you should provide a buck as a side wager. There are also certain blackjacks that offer a progressive jackpot with a side wager. Triple Sevens Blackjack falls under the category of these preferred games. The game is provided by Microgaming. In order to get the jackpot, you need to have 3 cards of diamond sevens. The game will also reward players with different combinations but in lower amounts of cash. Such games are pretty available in brick and mortar casinos. However, the cashout rates are not fixed. All of them require providing an additional side wager to qualify for the progressive jackpot.

But let’s rewind, for those who don’t know what the term “Progressive Jackpot” means, here it is. It is a jackpot where the overall pot increases a small amount every time a player wagers (except in the case that the player wins the Jackpot, in which case it resets to a preset minimum level).

Usually, the jackpot will be won by the highest possible winning combination of the pokie that you are playing. This can be a royal flush at a poker machine, or 5 of the most valuable symbols in a pokie.

If you are serious about playing Jackpot games, you need to be aware of some specific rules. For example, you need to wager the miximum amount of credits available per play in order to qualify. This is also why it is not possible to have a chance at winning a Jackpot if you play for free. It would be unfair for other players where they are doing all the work to contribute to the jackpot, and then someone who is not wagering real money had the chance of taking it all.

At, we love pokies (if you still haven’t figured it out!) So all the Jackpots that we source and list on this page, are going to be pokie games. If you are interested in progressive blackjack games, progressive poker, and even progressive roulette, there are many options out there.


Progressive Jackpots Games Online