Find out everything you need to know about online casinos in Switzerland

Currently, online casinos have gained great popularity around the world, and thanks to the technology that has allowed easy access to the internet through mobile devices, it has made millions of users daily live on the web, the possibilities to connect, now they can do it no matter where they are, which has made the number of players grow in online casinos.

Because of this, although not all casinos will have the same success, these types of casinos are constantly established in Switzerland. The point is that you discover which are these casinos that will not fail so you can register and start enjoying.

Before choosing which casino to open your account, you must take into account some factors

To have the opportunity to enjoy and play in a quality online casino, you must have:

Payments: If you want to have at your disposal the availability of several accredited payment methods, you can only see it in a good online casino.

Rewards: For their loyalty, the best online casinos give rewards to their players.

Bonuses: This cannot be missing in an online casino, and in the best many offers you will have at your disposal.

Licenses: Before formalizing your registration in an online casino, you should check on your homepage that you have the license issued by the competent regularities.

Owner: A secure online casino will show you who the owners are.

Games: For you to be a satisfied player, the best online casinos constantly add a variety of games, including slot machines, live games, and much more.

These are the basic requirements that an online casino in Switzerland asks for

Among all the benefits that the best online casinos offer are the welcome bonuses that you will receive as soon as you register. It will also offer you a variety of games, and you cannot miss the bonuses, of course, which you can get in different ways. By showing loyalty, you can enjoy various promotions so you can earn rewards.

As you can see, many reasons make a Swiss online casino more attractive to others. Old casinos have earned the trust of most players, but today, online casinos are a more renewed option that offers great advantages:

  • Innovative designs
  • Best game choice
  • Quick withdrawals
  • Juicy welcome bonuses
  • Slot machines tournaments
  • Social games
  • Take into account player loyalty

Some differences exist in online casinos

Perhaps he is accustomed to seeing the traditional model in online casinos where black color predominated, and everything was recreated under brick and mortar counterparts. But today, everything is very different, especially in Swiss online casinos, since they know that staying online is important, and instead of imitating the physical casinos, they prefer to make a difference since there is a lot of competition.

Trust is an essential element

On many occasions, it is difficult for players to feel confident when registering at an online casino, especially if it is new and has a low reputation. For this reason, some players choose to continue playing in the old casinos.

But it is easy to know if an online casino is safe on the same website. Below, right on the home page, should appear the authorized license. These types of licenses must be issued by certified authorities such as Gibraltar, Malta, and the United Kingdom. Also, you can see who the owners of the casino are, and check if they are one of those who already have old casinos and online with a good reputation.

Good bonuses are a reference for a secure online casino

To attract new players, online casinos offer very attractive welcome bonuses, especially if they are new. The more online casinos, the more these bonuses rise, but before being guided by these striking figures, you must research the online casino where you plan to open your account.

Some welcome bonuses have some features that you should consider:

• To access bonus funds, some will restrict the games you can access.

• To access these bonuses, investigate the wagering requirements.

• If you get a large bonus, it will be proportional to the number of deposits you have made.

• The better the welcome bonuses, the players will be more attracted.

For example, Swiss online casinos offer bonuses with or without deposit, deposit bonuses valid with the first, with the fourth or fifth deposit, and loyalty bonuses.

The constant challenge of the different online casinos is to attract the greatest number of players; keeping them happy is the next objective.

Procedure of betting

The reason for this is driven by the relationship between probability and gambling. As with dice and blackjack, there is a system of odds of aiming to win or lose on roulettes. The methods of betting, based on the previous thing, what they do is to get ahead with previous events that will influence, in a positive way, in the plays to the future.

It can be seen from this point of view that it is a bit confusing, but there is no theory without explanation and that is precisely what will be developed next with the most recognized roulette betting systems.

Fibonacci method

This game system is based, no less, than in a mathematical formula, and its objective is basically to establish the parameters for a player to place their bets. According to Fibonacci, each number is the result of the sum of the previous two.

That is, in a sequence the 1 is the first, and it increases in the following way; 1 + 1 = 2 + 1 = 3 + 2 = 5. With this method, it is considered that bets are made in the same way. For example, if a player starts betting $5, the system, according to Fibonacci, should go like this: 5 + 5 = 10 + 5 = 15 + 10 = 25 + 15 = 40 and so on.

Martingale method

Playing with this system is one of the riskiest ways to participate in roulette, but many players affirm the effectiveness of the method, becoming a world-class technique.This consists in that after each defeat the player doubles their bet, compensating the lost money.

For example, if a person pays two dollars for a red box and loses; it means that the next round must bet 4 dollars on a black square.The dynamic, although simple to understand, can diminish a player’s coffers at an insidious speed. Therefore, it is better to know other methods before embarking on the Martingale.

Cancellation method or Labouchere

As the name implies, this technique consists of putting together a series of numbers and canceling them as the rounds pass. This system is designed for equal bets, so it can be used in red/black boxes and odd and even numbers.To start a bet with the Labouchere method, the first thing to do is break down the amount you want to win in small numbers, for example, 10 dollars can be broken down as follows: 1-1-1-2-2- 2-1.

Once this is done, the numbers of both ends will be taken and added; the result is the amount of money that is going to be bet per spin. This will continue until the central number is reached.In the last two cases, of course, the facts can not be ignored, and, while the employee signs his dismissal letter and receives his liquidation, the player is being exiled from that casino and, probably, from a list that includes unwanted players.

D’Alembert method

Similar to Martingale, it is one of the simplest and, surprisingly, the most effective to use. There are no big risks of losses and, according to the method, the player will get good profits. D’Alembert establishes, then, that with each loss the player must increase his bet one dollar and, after each win, he must reduce it by the same amount.