Apr 14

Online vs Live Blackjack Casino Game

The two games, online and live blackjack, are merely played with one objective; winning as much money as you can. The basics of the games are merely the same but a bit of differences is seen after this. live blackjackConsidering the comparison I will elaborate for you below concerning the online and live blackjack, I tend to believe you will be in a position to select the best option for you. The differences may be in form of advantages and disadvantages of each game but simply take them as differences and choose the right one for you to play.

  • Convenience

Convenience is one of the most considered factors when playing any game. In the case of live and online blackjack, online blackjack is too way convenient as compared to the other one. Simply having your computer and connecting it to the internet is all you need to play online blackjack. Within a few seconds, you will be playing for real money from any place; whether your office or home.

Playing live casinos means you have to travel all the way to casino centers for you to play the game. This can only sound convenient, though not very, when you live near the casino. Live blackjack at the casino is a lot more time consuming more especially when driving to the destination. Moreover, you might be forced to wait for longer in case you find a long line of players lining up to play the game when the tables are full. This is however never the case with online blackjack as the tables are never full.

  • Size of stakes

Unlike the case of live blackjack, online blackjack offers smaller stakes as the tables can be set up for free for you to play. This allows you to bet by any amount no matter how little it is. Live casinos on the other hand have to charge players some amount so they can run the affairs of the game smoothly such as paying the workers, maintaining the building and setting up the tables.

The maximum bet for online blackjack is up to 10,000 pounds at non US casinos or $500 for US casinos while the bets go as high as $50,000 per hand or even higher! You can gauge yourself properly and determine the right game to play.

  • Bonuses

Unlike live blackjack, online casinos give cash bonuses to players making deposits. This is an amazing feature that has attracted many players from the live blackjack slots game to online blackjack. You however need to be keen when selecting the site to play the game. There are sites which do not allow blackjack wagers to count towards the bonuses.

  • Experience

Live blackjack is considered more of an experience as compared to the online one. Getting the feelings by touching the chips, hearing the sounds and participating with other live players makes the game more of an experience than online blackjack. No matter how convenient and elaborative online blackjack might seem, some features can never be replicated online.

  • Payment

Live blackjack offers instant payment after winning in the casino unlike online casino where you have to wait for your money to be sent to the bank before collecting it. This can actually take a couple of days.

  • Blackjack tables

As earlier mentioned, online blackjack tables are never full. This is contrary to live blackjack where sometimes players may be many and you have to wait in the queue for your turn to play. Thousands of people can play online blackjack at the same time but the tables can never be full. You can play in any table you want at any stake you want!

  • Speed and accuracy

This can be attributed to online casino as the game can be played very fast with 100% accuracy. In live casino games, many errors are bound to be made with little recognition. A computer is fast in reshuffling the cards than any live dealer you can think of. Moreover, the computer can never misdeal the cards or mislead the bets or make errors when paying out the winners. Live dealers may be great at what they do, but definitely can never outdo computers in the work.

There are more differences between the two but with these, you are able to determine your best option.

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Mar 12

Immortal Romance – Pokies Online Review

Are you having limited time to attend a local casino center to play one of your favorite games? Online Immortal Romance Pokiesgaming has hit the ground and everybody is now enjoying the thrilling and exciting moment right from the comfort of their homes and offices at any particular time they are free and feeling like playing. One of the most trending online games today is the immortal romance. This new game from micro gaming is quite amazing and many players are excited with its introduction. For new players who intend to learn the game, several sites offer a free play version before you start betting your money in it.

playnowMore about Immortal Romance Slot Machine

This is a 5-reel, 243 pay line slot machine with amazing features that make every move in the game thrilling and exciting. In this game, there are 243 ways to win the game. With these many winning combinations, it is true that you can land a big win very simply. Among the several features you would encounter in the game are amazing graphics and animations with an amazing background sound effect that together make the game one of the most exciting on the internet.

Theme of the Game

This game is based on a forbidden love but the characters involved madly in love with each other but can never be together. This is an amazing theme that attracts many people as they explore on ways to be happy in life. Play this game and find out what happens to the couple and also get a chance to win big at the end. There is a maximum payout of 3,645,000 coins fixed jackpot.

Features of Immortal Romance Slot Machine

  • The wild desire

This is a crucial feature to ever check out on in the game. This feature is awarded randomly and it will turn up to 5 reels wild qualifying you for the maximum payout. You do not need to do anything to trigger this feature but keep watching for it as you progress in the game.

  • Chamber of spins

This is the feature that makes immortal romance one of the most unique games online. Most of the slot machine games offer a chance to trigger various types of free spins. To trigger the free spins in this game, 3 or more scatter symbols should appear on the reels. a chamber of spins is actually a special feature for players playing for long. In that case you are awarded with 10 free spins the 1st time of triggering free spins. You can as well re-trigger the spin to win big in the end. Triggering the free spins feature five times, you are awarded with 15 free spins and a Vampire Bat function which further turns symbols into the wilds and multipliers. In this case you can get a multiplier of up to 6 times. Triggering the spins at least 10 times, you enter into the Michael Feature that awards you 20 free spins and a multiplier on all wins. You can earn a multiplier of up to 5 times in this case. If you continue playing and able to trigger free spins for up to 15 times you enter into the Sarah Feature that awards you with 25 free spins together with a special wild wine symbol that turns any other symbol on the reels into the wilds.

Our Take on Immortal Romance slot machine

This is an amazing game with big winning opportunities. Every player who has had their hands on the game has loved every single detail. Join an online casino today and stand a chance to win real money by playing the immortal romance; a game like no other!

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Feb 16

Billion Dollar Gran Slot Review

The Billion Dollar Gran is amongst the latest video games doing rounds with three non-progressive reels and one pay line. The game is so amazing and classy with winners capable of cashing a jackpot of up to the limit of $20,000. There are more features about this amazing game that you would probably love to play, enjoy yourself and at the same time win incredible prizes.

Game Rules

  • This game has standard rules for all the three slots. You only need to match three symbols in a row and simply win the amount depicted on the table. You can as well win other prizes and play other game options including Holds and Nudges.
  • Three bowls symbols activate the bonus game. If you get them then you are lucky to play the bonus game.
  • Bump symbols on the reel using nudges down a position to Billion Dollar Gran Slotscome up with a winning combination.
  • Saving of gamble nudges in the game is also possible so you can have repeat plays later.
  • Get the jackpot of 25 coins on maximum bet possible through 7 different winning combinations.

Betting Options

Nudges are awarded to the players at random thus regular spinning is needed. This can benefit you greatly. They are visible at the left side of your game screen often cplaynowoming with the choice to gamble even more in order to win more of the nudges. The choice of the reel to use is made by you using the red button that is visible at the bottom of the game screen.

Billion Dollar Slot Features

This game has two different sets of features i.e.:

  • One taking the main reels
  • One taking on the bonus screen

When spinning, your aim should be to search for three identical icons. The icons will then award you winning spins. It can give you winning of up to a maximum of 25 winspins which happens when you get three identical granny icons on the payline

Winspins are the awarding spins and you can win prizes worth different amounts. The spinning is done on a different screen on a 3 X 3 grid. This is the only way you can win prizes. A secondary round for bonus is also possible if three identical bowl icons appear. This is rare but if you are lucky enough, you can win to the limit of up to 1000 times of your bet!
The Billion Dollar Gran game is easy to play and win big. Always look out for the bonus bowl to win extra prizes out of a simple bet you make. If you are a fun of online games that eventually pay off, this is the classy type where you can enjoy some serious slot action. There is a lot of money to give away in this game so the more you learn and train, the better. With seven different winning combinations, chances are very high that you will land one of them out of the several spins you are awarded.

Online gaming has been taken to the next level with highly classy games such as Billion Dollar Gran introduced on the web for people to play from the convenience of their homes and at the same time win lots of cash. Over time that this game has been played, it has turned out to be the most entertaining online game. The features are many for exploration thus killing any boredom. There are yet other options for the game that do not require any deposit for you to play. If you fear losing your money through the bets, start here as you learn the basics and rules of playing the game to perfect spinning and betting styles.


If you are looking for an entertaining, flexible and standard online game that will suit your needs, check out on Billion Dollar Gran to get exactly what you need. It is as simple as that.

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Jan 15

Top iPhone Casino Games You Should Consider

Spin Palace Casino MobileiPhones have become great revolutionary devices for gaming as amazing applications are in circulation to  help you play any kind of casino game you may be interested in. With the multi-touch experience, there is nothing more exciting as it offers the same experience as that of a full screen. Casino games have thus found their way to your iPhone because of such amazing applications. However, it is unfortunate that the casino games played in your iPhones cannot be played for real money but you can be sure to shape your skills a great deal over time playing the games in your phone and enjoying the excitement and fun as you interact with your friends. Below are the top five iPhone casino games available for you to download.

  • Blackjack

This game is played with a mobility ware application. There is a free version of the game and one that you can buy from the AppStore. The good thing is that the game is designed in the exact form of the real blackjack game. In order to build your card counting skills that will enable you beat the dealer in the real live blackjack casino, this game is the right one for your iPhone.

  • Big spin slots

This is one of the most popular slots games now played and you can get it on your iPhone. The display of the game is just like that of the traditional 3-line slot machine. You can now play the big spin slots in your iPhone with ease spinning the wheels and touching the interface to stop them. Playing this game on your iPhone is a lot thrilling and exciting, a reason why you can’t wait to have one more spin.

  • Texas hold’em

This game was created by Apple for all online micro-gamers interested in playing the game via their handheld iPhone devices. The features of the game capture everything you would be looking for in a game to play via your iPhone. With an interesting gameplay and amazing graphics, you can’t afford to miss this amazing intuitive game. Through Wi-Fi connection, you can set a game with your friend and enjoy to the fullest. You can’t wait to enjoy these games with amazing in-game tips and strategies of winning. In your free time, this is the game for you.

  • World Series of poker hold’em legend

Poker games have also got their way to your iPhone this one being a good example. The interesting part is that you can play this game against your friends via Bluetooth or the internet against other players from across the world. Actually every player wishes to get his shot at the World Series. To get a tip of the iceberg, download this game on your iPhone and enjoy!

  • Aw craps

Going to to the apps store, this is a game you are unlikely to miss. The dealer gives you hints and tips of placing your bets so you can win big in the end. This alone makes the game amazing and thrilling. Enjoy the coolest experience of dice rolling in this full 3D online game that can be downloaded right to your iPhone.

These are just but some of the most trending iPhone casino games you should consider downloading for a thrilling experience during your free time. There are many websites dedicated to giving you the best and here, you have got just a tip of the games that are gaining a lot of popularity in the micro-gaming industry. Join today and experience the amazing and thrilling excitement as you shape your skills to play the games online for real money.

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Dec 21

Mad Hatters Video Slot Machine Review

Mad Hatters SlotThe world of gaming is fast revolutionizing due to the fact that most of the casino games are now played online via your PC or laptop connected to a network.  It is no longer tedious having to travel to the casinos to enjoy your favorite game when you can just turn on your PC and have it right there. One of the most trending online games now is the mad hatters.

More about Mad Hatters

playnowThis is a video slot game with 5 reels and 30 paylines. This game has amazing features such as the wild  symbol, free spins, scatter symbol, multiplier and a jackpot of 50,000 dollars. Because of the amazing graphics and animations used in the game, its popularity has tremendously grown to become one of the most sought online games.

Theme of the Game

This game is based on tea party attended by the game stars including the mad hatter himself. The background pink color and purple reels accompanied by cheerful tunes playing in the background make the game quite interesting and amazing throughout your play. Various features such as rabbits, party guests, party cake, tea cups and desserts among others are used to complete the game with an amazing experience.

Features of the Game

As earlier indicated this game has a variety of features that make it interesting while playing. Among the features include the wild symbol which is the mad hat in this game, the scatter symbol which is the bunny and others such as the free spins and the cuckoo bonus among others. The wild symbol can replace any other symbol in the game to create more winning opportunities in the game.

Betting Options in the Game

This is actually a game for everybody from low to high rollers. You can even play the game for free. For those betting real money, the range is between 0.01-0.25 coins per payline. Wagering is also possible ranging from 1-10 coins per payline. The minimum bet in the mad hatters is thus 0.01 and maximum being 75.00 per spin. With these bets you can get a payout of up to 20,000 coins per payline.

Having three or more cuckoo clock icons on the reels will trigger the pick me game where you get a chance to choose one cuckoos to win an instant prize of as high as 11,000 coins. On the other hand  having three or more rabbit and hat icons on the reels triggers either 10, 25 or 50 free spins which when played increases your chances of winning bigger prizes because any win after choosing a wild icon in the free spins, the prize is doubled.

What We Think About the Mad Hatters

This is a game with amazing features and by no doubt it will keep you entertained during most of your free time more especially after a long day at work. The game has a big winning range designed in the best way to accommodate all kinds of players including low and high rollers depending with your budget. With an amazing theme, this game will for sure remain popular even in future and keep players enjoying the game every time they have their hands on it. It is ready and available at several online micro-gaming sites just for you to play and enjoy!

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Nov 13

Glory of Rome Pokie Review

If you are into micro gaming or online slot machine games, then this is the best opportunity to know more about one of the best games that you can ever play – The Glory of Rome.

What is in it?

Glory of Rome PokieGlory of Rome is a non-progressive game with 20 pay lines available. If you find Roman history interesting, then you will enjoy seeing the graphics and pictures that are shown during the game. It will surely show you a lot about Roman history, their culture, and their life from previous years of their existence. The slot game is a five-reel game. Players would surely love to see around the wild symbols, scatters, and even the free spins that could be won whenever you reach the Gladiator bonus round.

The Theme that Makes It All

When we talk about the reels on the game, we mean laurel leafs and the like. The background would let you see the sea, which would remind the players about their wishes to conquer some of the foreign lands on earth. The reel icons are as follows:

  • Caesar
  • Gladiators
  • Lions
  • Chariots
  • Soldiers helmets
  • Jack, Queen, King and Alas graphics

Whenever you have a winning payout, each of these icons flashes on you and do some detailed animation. When it comes to the sound effects of the game, you would notice that it is really built with suspense. The best sound effect that you can hear on this game is when you reach the bonus round. The game would surely set you on a victorious mode when the sound is played on.

Betting Options and Features

Players have the option to bet from one penny to $0.50. There is an option to bet up to a maximum of 20 coins for each 20 pay lines and that would come up to a total of 400 coins every spin. The Caesar is one of the most important icons on the game. He is considered as the wild symbol as well as the jackpot symbol. The next important icon on the Glory of Rome game is the Gladiator. It symbolizes the scatter of the game. All the other symbols on the game are the regular ones.


Bonus Game and Free Spins

If you have three or more scatter symbols on your reels, you could surely win yourself 8 free spins and you will get the chance to pass through the bonus round on this amazing slot machine game. If you are in the bonus round, you get the chance to choose 4 out of 9 shields that would appear on your screen. These shields can win you free spins or some cash prize. If you know that you are playing on a lucky day, then it is best that you show your luck to everyone during the game. It would surely fill in all your stresses at work or at home, and surely you would forget about your life’s problems for a little while. The bonus game and the free spins are the most challenging parts of the game. You should take this chance to win big in order to fully enjoy the game.


Overall, the game is a generous one that brings out balanced payouts to players and a good number of bonuses round. You have the chance to get paid a huge amount of value. This is surely the kind of game that you would always love to play around even when your bank roll is full or empty because it offers both small and high stakes players the chance to win big most of the times.

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Oct 17

Riviera Riches Online Slots

This is a French online game that has hit the market like a storm as more people are getting subscribed to enjoy the game and at the same time win really good cash in the process. The game saves a lot of time, effort and cost incurred Riviera Riches Slotwhile driving all the way to the casino centers where Riviera Riches is played. The game is a five-reel slot, fifteen payline online slots type of game that is quite exciting to play and winning a lot of cash. If you take the game seriously, you stand a chance to win huge amounts of cash. The theme of the game is a rich and famous holiday destination, Riviera. Several micro gaming casinos offer this game as well as online playing for anybody interested in trying their luck.



Riviera Riches has 5 reels and 15 paylines as earlier indicated. You can use the two to easily maximize your money as the payouts are excellent.

  • Auto play- this is a crucial feature to play the game any time you need to. This is essential for learners to master the tips on perfecting their game play.
  • Easy to play- once you master the basics of the game, it is easier for you to effectively stand up to challenge even the world’s top players in Riviera Riches. It is just a one time learning game before you get yourself betting with huge amounts of cash.
  • Clear graphics and enticing animation- this is crucial feature the designers of the game came up with to make it livelier while playing it. If you ask the players of the game, they will tell you that this game was designed in a way to make it as if you are playing it live alongside the world’s rich and famous players in the game. As you anticipate wagering your action, remember there is a lot of money to win altogether.
  • Easy and cheap betting- in Riviera Riches, you can bet up to 20 coins per payline which altogether pay up to a maximum of 30,000 coins each. If you calculate this, you realize that you have the potential of winning thousands of dollars with a single play.
  • Lucrative symbols- as mentioned above, Riviera Riches is a game that offers the real life experience due to its amazing symbols and sound effects. Some animations of a woman dressed in furs and jewels, a man dressed in a suit smoking a cigar, all bring the game next to reality making it amazing and appealing to play all time.


Bonus game

This is a game that will enable you to have free spins which is possible once you get more than 2 scatter symbols on the reels. You can get up to a maximum of 12 free spins which enhances your chances of winning in the game. There are big winning opportunities while playing the Riviera Riches game as you are entitled to win big when the ball lands on your selected number. If 3 more scatter land anywhere on the reels, you will have 12 free spins in which all prizes will be multiplied by 3. This may also trigger a bonus feature thus more winning opportunities. This video slot is nothing ever seen before thus if you intend to win big, this is the game for you.

The sophisticated elegance of this casino-themed video game is what drives many of the elite people in society into playing the game as they try their luck in winning any amount of cash. Why not become one of the world’s top class players of this amazing game and maybe win big with the spins you make? Check it out in any online micro-gaming casino to enjoy your free time.

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Sep 20

OctoPays Slot Review

Online casino has achieved massive success over the last couple of years. The lazy indolent, slothful beings find pleasure in the free money, who doesn’t? Online slot gaming purveys a platform handy enough that one might get lotteries merely through couch surfing. OctoPays is such an online slot machine that carries attractive graphics along with catchy offers that persuade slot gamers to try their game.

OctoPays SlotsOctoPays follows a scenario: An underwater, deep ocean, more like an ocean surface where interesting sea creatures and treasures and chest await users to enjoy betting on them. The zinced, rusty wrench can be clearly observed on the game set. One can’t simply give applause to the graphic designers of this game, given such amusing and colorful background and immense creativity. The five reels of the slot machine are filled with symbols and underwater creatures, like octopus, treasure chest, hammered sharks and some sought of helmets (these, not very well designed, I must say). The pokers for 9 to ace are also a part of the reels. Well, obviously what is a slot machine without poker cards, anyway? So it was pretty essential part of the game.

An attractive feature for gamers is the 243 winning ways. Normally, slot game have not any win ways, take care well of the engineering strategies. But this game, OctoPays, offers 243 ways to win. Not only to win but there are various propositions like free spins and wilds. Who doesn’t fall for free spins? Well, everyone does: probably the reason they offer free 12 spins. But it is not so simple after all. In fact, there is this special bonus called ‘The Kraken Bonus’ which awards 12 spins all for free! Moreover, while you start spinning the free spins, up to 4 octopus wild symbols are allowed to be placed on the reels, randomly; but not on the 3rd reel. There comes the idea of surprise appearance of a wild symbol on the 3rd reel. This surprise wild symbol is not a simple sign but offers a great mouth-watering deal. This is: any win on the substituting octopus is multiplied by 2.

There are a billion game engineering tactics, one can never figure out what he might be losing at something he sees to be much profitable. The same is the case in the Kraken bonus; Sad enough? Yes, the octopus wild symbol that appears while the free spinning things is being done, that symbol only acts as substitute wilds but not real wilds: the reason, there is no 5 wild combination on the pay table.

Sure OctoPays sounds interesting, even looks so. But one can’t deny, when you come to know the real instructions behind the game it’s pretty confusing. Plus, the wilds offered aren’t even real wilds. A little tip to the game engineers a gamer might suggest is to try making simpler and less complex games so they could be handy to play and fun to win. But then again who has got enough cheeks to ‘propose’ the idea to engineers? If they win, they’re winning merely through a random match in between the reels, no hard work, no real mind probing; mere luck, mere fate.

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Aug 09

Jack And Jill Online Pokies Review

Everything today has gone online. The internet has become an integral part of everyday operations including online casino games. Jack and Jill slot game, just like many other online games have gained popularity amongst many players who are now more glued to the game than ever.  Online games are on a very high demand nowadays because of their convenience at Jack And Jill Pokies participating by players from across the world. Unlike the normal casino games where you are needed to attend physically, Jack and Jill slot game can be played right from the comfort of your home provided that you are connected to the internet.

Another good side of online gaming is that you get a chance to play with international players from across the world. Can you imagine how thrilling it would be having the experience of playing with several players from across the world? Online gaming has made everything easier and possible right from your convenient place, whether home or office when you are free.

What Is All About Jack And Jill Online Slot Game?

This is an online game taking the theme of nursery rhymes and mad scientists. It is a 5-reel and 20-payline online slot game played by people of all ages including children and grownups. The slot machine images are the jack and Jill, a well at the top of the hill, tumble and a first aid kit. A pail used to fetch water is a scatter symbol that triggers 15 free spins whereby all winning payouts are quadrupled.

For a long time, jack and Jill has been known as a common children’s game where Jack went up the hill to fetch water where he fell down and broke his crown and Jill came tumbling after. However, with time, this game has been advanced to become one of the most sought for both children and adults who have the passion of online gaming.

The original storyline is maintained but introduces a new way of playing the game.  The game uses standard playing cards to represent the low value symbols while everything else is related to the narrative.

Bonus Features

  • Free spins

In order to gain entry to the bonus game, you have to land three, four or five of the bucket scatter. In this case you will get 15 free spins and a 4x multiplier on all winning combinations.

  • Jack and Jill wild

This is a wild symbol that is used in substitution to make a winning combination. It increases the chances of winning by making the spins more valuable

How Much Are You Liable To Win?

For the lucky guys, you can win up to 1,100,000 coins. This is an amazing prize to win, isn’t it? But, to win this, as earlier mentioned you must be a very, very lucky bunny. You however don’t have to worry as there are many more decent wins you can pocket in normal plays.

Getting three or more Jack or Jill symbols next to each other, you get a winning combination. The game uses an amazing animation of Jack the lover struck and Jill, who has a cunning smile on her face.

Like many online micro games, Jack and Jill is one where wins are as a result of free spins. If you keep playing this game to hit 120x bet size, be sure to have a smile on your face. The total number of bets range from 0.01 to $20 which actually covers all kinds of players. if you are a high roller in online gaming, $20 bid may not be very exciting but the results from the bet can really be thrilling as you may win up to $12,000 payout.

Jack and Jill is a game that is as a result of the children’s nursery rhyme combined with a video slot to make it one of the most amazing games you can play online right from the comfort of your home or office. Try it today and you could remain glued to the screen for most of the time you are free from work.

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Jul 13

Dolphin Quest Online Slot Game Review

The world of micro-gaming is fast advancing with more online games introduced day in, day out.  Many of the casino players are now looking forward to online gaming; as a result of the much reduced time, one is free to participate in such gamesDolphin Quest Slot Review. The economic world today does not allow for people to have a lot of free time. If one does, they try as much as they can to find something else to do in order to generate an extra coin to the family. Once off from work, many are targeting to get home straight away to attend to other family businesses and chores hence minimizing the free time one could use to attend a nearby casino to play their favorite game.

Are you one of the gaming fans finding it hard to balance between works and participating in one of the local casino centers? Well the good news is that you are now able to attend to all your daily chores and still have the chance to play your favorite game online. There are several online games today and dolphin quest is sure one of those that are thrilling many players and getting more people learning on how to play it.

How to play and win the Dolphin Quest

There is a colorful menagerie against a seascape of corals with corals ad seaweed for every spin you make. While playing this game, you get a chance to interact with real sea creatures such as the dolphins, octopuses and turtles. These animals actually act as the main game symbols. A funny looking but poisonous puffer fish and sea horses are also part of the incredible explorations that you will have in the end. Four by five reels are laid out in this game so you can have enough space for the creatures to parade across your screen.

If you need to speed up your progress in the game, there is the auto-play button to help you. This will take your spins faster according to your comfortable speed. The stacked wilds, wilds and multiple wilds will also increase your chances of winning in the game.

In addition to that, the bonus game is all you need to advance your chances of getting an exciting win. This is one of the best features to watch out for so you can win big in the game. To trigger it, you need 3 or more scatters landing on the reels 2,3 or 4. The bonus waterfall is the ultimate that assures you of a win with the amount won added to your regular pay lie winnings.

Another important feature you have to watch out for is the free spins. This is because it allows you to play more but spend less. This is quite economical for you to enjoy playing the game for longer.

Bets in the dolphin quest range from 0.01 to 0.50 per pay line meaning the highest possible win will amount to 75000 for 50 lines placed. This game too comes with a great animation making the game more interesting and fun to play. The theme is simply about sea exploration to the island and other wildlife features around the sea. For exploration experience, check out this game and you will be thrilled and excited with the experience.

Are you looking for a game that will not only get you excited when playing but also create chances for you to win big? Well, the dolphin quest is the game that many online gamers prefer for its simplicity to learn and above all the excitement you get in the process. Play the dolphin quest today, re-activate free spins during the bonus game and give yourself a chance to win big at the end of the day. It is real and many are taking part now. Why not you?!

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