Your Guide to Playing Online Slots in 2020

Your Guide to Playing Online Slots in 2020Slots are by far the most popular game online for a good reason. If you have been looking around for a boredom solution or happen to be an avid gamer already, you are in luck. There are hundreds of various suites you can play when it comes to online slots.

Since the nineteenth century, the first slot games have progressed tremendously and have never lost their popularity. You get a broad game range including progressive slots, multi-spinning slots, video slots and class slots. Online slots offer more than just a few methods of winning including mini slots, jackpots, free spins, special bonus rounds and bonus symbols. In New Zealand and Australia, slots are called pokies, having evolved from the term Poker Machines. Nowadays, slots refer to any online slot machine, whether the machines have anything to do with poker or not.

Aside from pokie, online slot machines are also known as puggy, The Slots, one-armed bandits or Fruit Machine. These are online gambling casino machines that let customers play a game of chance. Online slots feature a standard layout and when you pull the lever four to six reels all begin to spin. In real slot machines, you have to deposit your payment and this can be in the form of a token, cash or coins.

Once the reels begin to spin all at the same time, they also stop all at the same time and when they stop, the symbols, fruits or patterns that line up need to match. If three or more of the symbols match, you win a prize. If not, you don’t win anything and you have a chance to pay again for another pull of the lever or stop playing if you did win and collect your jackpot prize.

Some machines feature a button you can press rather than a lever. Online slots also feature an online lever or button you need to click with your mouse. Since virtual slots are online, the makers are able to offer more elements to interact with, such as a variety of video graphics and advanced rounds you can play as a bonus.Common Misconceptions For Slot Games

Both in real and virtual casinos, there are common misconceptions and myths for when it comes to slots games. Keep in mind that this particular game happens to be the most popular casino game in the world. No one quite knows for sure what it is about slots that make them so popular. However, it cannot be denied that their popularity has never really waned. However, as much as they are popular, slots have misconceptions and myths associated with them.

Myth#1-You Can Only Hit The Jackpot Once

Your Guide to Playing Online Slots in 2020One myth is that many most people believe is that you hit the jackpot through mere luck, and that you can hit it only once, since you have used up your ‘good luck.’ The truth is that many players hit the jackpot, keep on playing, and hit the jackpot again. Many folks have believes that are not based on anything concrete really, and they feel that once you hit the jackpot, that’s it. Nothing could be further from the truth. The truth is that once you hit the jackpot, the number of attempts you make increases your chances of winning, including hitting the jackpot again.

Myth#2-When A Slot Has Been Played Long, It Is Bound To Let You Win Soon


A system that generates random numbers is what determines winnings. Not when a slot machine has been played too long, or any other mythical belief. In fact, if you are lucky as they come, you might even enjoy consecutive wins just by luckily clicking the mouse at the exact right time. There is no guarantee, ever that your next moves will be a winner. The certified software operates randomly. Thus, even the slot machine does not know when it will give out a jackpot or not. Only your lucky timing can make that happen.

Myth#3- Slot Club Members Win More

People think that once they become a member of a slot club, the person behind the website will cause them to win more. Nothing can be further from the truth. Certified random number generators are in place for random winnings and nothing else. Being a member or a nonmember of any club will not affect your wins. In fact, some people are lured into joining clubs specifically because they feel that they will win more.

Myth#4- Stuff The Machine With Money And You Are Bound To Win

Many players get frustrated operating under this myth. Some feel that the machine will eventually feel guilty or have mercy on them and give up its winnings. The truth of the matter is that only sheer luck and good timing as you click the button will help you win. Remember, for a slot pokie machine that has a certified random number generator, each of your spins is treated as if it was the first and only spin you ever spun. In other words, your spin is not going to affect future spins, nor will it be affected by previous spins.

Myth#5- Your Favorite Slots Game Will Give You More Chances Of The Jackpot

Guys, just because you love the machine does not mean that the machine has the means and ways to love you back. People playing at one machine too often may forget that the machine is not going to favor them in return. As mentioned earlier, there are random generators for numbers and every click on the mouse is treated as the only click of the day, each time. So if you play on the same slot machine for fifty clicks, the machine is not going to realize it’s the same person full of determination. The answer is no, the machine will not let you win on its own. Rather, your luck and good timing determines the jackpot.

How To Play Online Slots

Your Guide to Playing Online Slots in 2020People that play online slots will need to pay money, tickets or vouchers online through an electronic wallet to the slot machine’s website to get a turn at the game. You can pay for one game or more. You then click the button or virtually pull a lever using your mouse to get all the reels to turn. The game objective is to win by matching the patterns, pictures or fruits that appear when the reels stop. The reels virtually spin and all stop at the same time. Keep in mind that not all games involving online slots involve a payment. Tons of online slot sites offer free games. That’s right. You can play online slots for free and still win real money.

Usually, online slot reels are easy to recognize and are colored brightly including images of letters, numbers or fruits. There are also hearts, diamonds and bells. New slots also feature popular singers, actors of even cartoons. Some feature patterns or even memes and gifs or short videos. The fact that an online slot is virtual means that there are more things creators are able to show than in an actual slot machine.

You can find out what the winning symbol is by checking to see it online posted in one part of the website or as a virtual sticker on the online slot machine itself. There also tends to be a lot of loud music that is played once the reels begin to spin. Depending on the game rules of the particular online slot machine game you are playing, you will need to match a combination.

You can win valuable items such as extra turns, free spins or cash. When you win cash, this is usually sent electronically to your virtual wallet which you can then transfer to your actual bank account. Newer online slots feature a lot of free spins for newbies which means you get to spin the reels of the machine without any payment. In fact, this feature is emphasized and the free spins given as rewards when it comes to online gaming.

Online Slots 101

Despite the popularity of online slot machines, people still have misconceptions and myths in terms of how online slots actually work. Are you one of those people who like the concept of winning cash from an online casino slot machine but really don’t have a clue where to start? Well, you’re in luck because everything you need to know is right here.

Random Number Generators

Random Number Generators is the software that makes sure there is no cheating in online slots. In other words, every spin you make is independent from any other spin you ever make. There is rigorous testing done on RNG’s so that every outcome is not done through manipulations.

Thus, you can rest assured your online slot game is safe and fair. Gambling sites online will have certified RNG’s by the TST, which stands for Technical Systems Testing. Please note that even with all the changes occurring in the online world, the fundamentals of how RNG’s work have never changed.

To be clear, RNG stands for Random Number Generator. This is a component on computers that creates sequences randomly on your online slot machine. This happens every day, at intervals of milliseconds. What the RNG does is that everything you click the bet or spin max button, it produces a different and random series of pictures on the reel. RNG’s also pick a random set of numbers in non-slot games, such as online poker or any sort of card game.

All online casinos have a Random Number Generator to produce outcomes for all the online slots offered per website. Each outcome depends on combinations of the RNG software and algorithms. It is these systems that determine every spinner’s outcome. Any spin you make won’t have anything to do with the spin you just made or the spin you are about to make. Each one is random, and each one is different.

There is no computer memory on the RNG. Neither the RNG nor any aspect of the online slot machine has an inkling whether you have just lost or have just won big. It has no awareness. It does not know whether you hit the jackpot on the first try or if you sat there for three days with not a single win. In a slot game online, when you spin the reel, the Random Number Generator spills out hundreds of number per second. The moment you click the mouse, whatever shape or number the RNG is sitting on at the moment will determine which reel symbols will appear. The decision you make of when to click the mouse is what will determine the outcome of a spin.

On a slot game with three reels, the second you click the button records three numbers on the RNG for the 3 different reels. Digit number one determines what position the first reel will have, digit number two determines what position the second reel will have and digit number three as well. For a six-reel online slot game, there will be six numbers stopped the moment you click the mouse and those will determine your numbers. So you see it is as random as a real slot machine game. You just never know what numbers are going to appear at any given moment.

Video slots are a slight variation on online slot machines. There are about fifty separate pay lines and some even up to a hundred. The moment you click the button that says Play, the program draws random numbers on each reel. Depending on what the Random Number Generator has assigned on which number, then the reel stops. Once the reel stops, there is a quick calculation done by the system of complicated math behind your loss or winnings. Automatically and instantly, the prize sums up your balance. If you won a bonus round or if you get free spins as an award, the game keeps going using the same Random Number Generator.

Types Of Online Slot Machines

Slot games online include 3-reel slots, progressive jackpot slots, bonus slots and video slots, among others. Each of these slot games have their own unique features including wild multipliers, lucrative rounds of extra bonuses, free spins and sliding symbols.

Multiple Reel Slots or Video Slot Games


 5-Reel Slots

There are five reels on video slot games. This is a type of online slot also called 5-reel slots. The video graphics, images and sounds are sophisticated, attractive and made for significantly enhancing the game experience. Just like other slot games, there are various symbols involved. However, there is more than one pay line on the 5-reel, whereas there is just one pay-line on the 3-reel, for example.

You can bet up to a hundred pay lines on some slots. RNG is built into video slots. Compared to the 3-reel type of slot game, video slots have more features and benefits. These include having multipliers, free spins, bonus rounds and unlimited options for betting. Video slot payouts are also large. In fact, with a maximum bed, you can easily win a progressive jackpot.

 3-Reel Slots

The simplest of them all is the 3-reel slot game. These are online slots that are also called one-arm bandits. The reason is that traditional types used a lever pulled by players to begin. If you are a newbie and have never tried slots online in the past, the 3-slot game is the one to attempt first. This game is enjoyable, easy and simply played. Online slot game fanatics love playing the three reels continuously, no matter how long they have been in town. On the other hand, even if this is the simplest game of them all, there will still need to be basic rules you need to understand before you jump in and join the players.

Various symbols are featured on three individual reels on the regular 3-reel game. When you click the word Spin, the RNG, which stands for Random Number Generator stops randomly on three pictures landing on one line. Players then check to see whether or not they won. Normal three-reels take a maximum bet of 3 coins fore every spin. There are generous progressive jackpots on the latest 3-reel game of slots and the rewards are definitely sizable and worth a spin.

X Of Y Slots

You could get rewards from games called X Of Y slots. This is by achieving specific reel symbols and numbers. This game of slots differs from the others since the bonus feature of X Of Y does not depend on the reel position after you spin. Instead, you get a bonus when you attain the number required of symbols given on a different screen. This is why on the second screen it refers to X Of Y as the game bonus. As you play the slot bonuses of X Of Y, you pick objects from a group and add each object’s wins. There are many levels you can play the bonus slots game of X Of Y. Each level needs to be successfully completely before you are able to move on to the next level.

Free Spinning Slots

Patrons of regular casinos love online slots with free spins because since there are more spins for the bet, you get better pay outs. The feature of free spins lets you spin the reel for free and when a certain group of symbols appear on the pay line, you get even more free spins.

Bonus Slots

The round called bonus slots are triggered by specified symbols and combinations on active pay lines. The bonus games incorporated are made for complementing the game theme using sound effects and graphics that enhance the game. Many bonus slots are interactive and even seem to be made more similar to mini arcades, which feature games within the game.

More Progressive Slots

Along with everything else, online gambling has evolved along with the rest of the game platforms on the net. In fact, it is safe to say that no two slot games are alike. Some may look alike or have the same theme or even feature equal jackpots to each other. However, there are bound to be a few differences. Every player online has their own favorite when it comes to slots. Some like video slots, while others like five-reel slots or the three reel version. By far, progressive slots seem to attract more followers than any of the rest of the slots.

Jackpots are featured on progressive slots and these increase continuously with every player placing a bet in one game. Each bet made is displayed clearly at all time during the course of the game. Individual percentages determine the jackpot. You will, however need to win at a certain point in order for you to earn the pot. You can also win awards without actually winning anything else just yet. For instance, if you don’t bet the maximum coin number or win combinations that qualify for less prizes that the payout jackpot, then you can win an award but not the jackpot.

When you hit specified symbols for winning on a spin in which you placed the maximum bet, then you can win the maximum jackpot. This is something offered by progressive machines exclusively. However, you need to bet maximum coin numbers or a maximum bet, or credit bets to be qualified. There are progressive jackpots available on other online games other than slots including online gambling sites, video poker games and even blackjack.

Which Progressive Slots Game To Select? Here Are Some Great Tips

The first thing to check when it comes to selecting the progressive slots game for you is to look at the software or platform powering the entire game. In other words, find out what company is featuring this game. Who manufactured it? Remember we want only reputable sources. Some of the most reputable and renowned platforms for casino games include Random Logic, Wagerworks, Real Time Gaming, Net Entertainment, Playtech and Microgaming. Find out what platform is running the slot game you are considering to check if it has met all the standards of certification of the industry becasue then you will know that these games would be error-free.

Knowing your limits is a good idea both for online progressive slots and life, itself. Even if it looks like there are high payouts for progressive slots, it may not be a good idea for you to join or to play if your budget is limited. Know yourself, practice self control and bet within your limits.

Look at the payout of the slot machine game you are considering. Not all payouts for progressive slots are the same. Find out what the game’s past payouts were and find one that has not been hit or about to be hit based on past payouts of the jackpot. Looking at the bet payout and the betting limits is important. Find out what the coin credits are. Winning progressive online jackpots will require maximum bets to win, make sure that you can support the max bet repeatedly. In other words, check your bank roll to make sure you have sufficient money.

Jackpot Slots

There are various types of jackpot progressives slots. The first type is the standalone slot which have single jackpot games not liked ot other slot games online. You can calculate the value of a progressive jackpot slot of this type through using the bet percentage that all the users made.

When jackpot slots span an online casino’s entire network and share a common platform offering the biggest paid out jackpots, these are called network jackpot progressive slots. Since bets are being placed on thousands of games at the same time across many online casinos, the payouts can go as high as a hundred thousand dollars or more.

When a progressive slot has joined with another progressive slot in one online casino or a group of games owned by one operator, this is called an in house jackpot progressive slot. These slots have bigger pay outs mainly because many different games contribute to the pot. Thus, there are more bets from more players.

How To Play For Free

Yes, free. You read that right. In fact, there is a way not just to play for free but to actually win at free slots. People think that just because something says free, this could disqualify them from winning. Not true. When a slot game online is certified, you have as much chances to win on a free spin as a paid game. In the past, online slot games were limited to players who were internet savvy and were familiar with how the mouse works and the like. These days, people seem to have been born with the internet and more and more people are opting for online rather than actual casino gaming.

Playing slots online is a lot more affordable than having to travel to Vegas. Plus, you won’t need to drive yourself anywhere. You can select which offer you like and which website. Register to apply for freebies and click to spin for free. After you get the hang of it, you can place bets later on, with just a click of the mouse. It is really easy to play slots online. Sign up and select a slot machine according to the guidelines above. Make sure to check for accreditation. The best part about playing for free is that numerous sites offer this and you can still win money. Thus, folks on a tight budget or money-savvy frugal folks who don’t want to skimp on fun can still play online slots, since everything is free. What a great way to spend every afternoon. Plus, there is no stress or pressure since there is no money involved.

Increase your winning chances for big jackpots when you select a hot slot. Hot slots have bigger winnings and offer free spins once in a while. Don’t play in just one machine. Instead, find a site that offers a few options for free spins. Start with three reels because then your chances of winning are greater. Even if a website says free games, make sure they don’t ask for your credit card information because then they could charge you for whatever reason. This is something you want to avoid.

How To Play For Money

Show meh the money! As the saying goes, it takes moolah to make moolah. When you bet with actual money, the winning prizes are much bigger than if you played for free. After all, the website owner does want to tempt you into actually cashing out, otherwise, what is the point, right? However, before you play with your hard-earned money, it is a good idea to keep a few guidelines in mind. It is safer for your bank account to take precautions and follow tips before you jump in and join the paying players. As a person, think about how disciplined you are in general. The reason is that you need to not bet more than you can afford. This will kill your online gambling joy faster than you can say Oh No. Set a specific amount in mind before you even turn your computer on and stick to that amount. Even if everyone wants to win, it is ridiculous to assume that your number of hours playing determines the number of wins you make.

The best games are certified and this means that every spin you make is treated as an individual spin. There is no cheating in certified online games. This means that your luck and timing will determine your wins, and not much else. Thus, since no one really knows whether a day is lucky or not, it is best to err on the safe side and stick to your budget. Next, just as you have set a budget, set a time limit. Online slot games can be so enjoyable that you could forget the time. Before you know it, you may have been playing online slots for more hours than you ought to. Remember, this is not a day job. Rather, it is for recreational use only. Keep that in mind and you should do fine.

To play for money, set a time and money limit and register on your online slot gaming site of choice. Because you are not playing for free, you will need to enter in credit card or debit card information. This is where you get paid or need to pay out wins and losses. Select your game of choice. Keep in mind that the amount you bet is per game and not for a set of fifty games. Calculate if you can afford the number of games you want to play by multiplying the per game bet with your number of spins. Go ahead and spin the wheel. The wins and losses will be debited and credited towards your card according to your wins and losses.

Slot Machine Slang

Do you know your spins from your scatters, your coins from your cascades and your payouts versus your progressives? Whether you are a new player or a veteran online slots player, it is always a good idea to keep up with the latest lingo. Just. In. Case.

EGM– Stands for Electronic Gaming Machine
RNG– Stands for Random Number Generator
Cash Back– Rewards given to online slots players.
Carousel– A carousel is a slots group formed in a circle or an oval. Carousel slots are known for having similar features such as the betting unit denominations. In particular, the Las Vegas actual casino version can find carousels of dollar spins or penny slots. This organizes a gaming floor. Online, there are also carousels available formed in the same way as the Vegas actual version, except the online version is virtual.
Coins-Cash used by each player to make a bet
Size of Coin– The coin size being wagered.
Cascades– Also known as cascading reels, it is wheer win combinations disapper from each real and are replaced by a symbol. On one single spin of actual money, the wins accumulate. This is also known as rolling reels or tumbling reels.
Brand slots– slots online based on television programs or famous movies. Usually, these come with attractive gameplay and graphics.
Bonus Rounds– Offers of instant cash wins and free games.
Bet– The total wagered cash on one spin.
AWP– stands for Amusement With PRizes. These are slots with the classic fruit symbol style.
Auto Spin– Allows players of online spots to set the game to spin reels automatically.
All Ways– Online slots with possibly hudnreds of pay lines both running right to left or left to right.
Five Reel– These are video slots that have 5 instead of 3 reels. Usually, there are four or three icon rows.
Three Reel– Online slots that have 3 instead of 5 reels with a classic slot theme and three symbol rows.
Mega Fortune– Online popular slot from Net Entertainment holding the record online for the most progressive payout jackpot of seventeen million Euros.
Progressive Jackpot– The pool of prizes that comparise cash made from slots from an entire network. You can win the jackpot by staking the highest amount, triggering a specific bonus button or hitting this at random.

Frequently Asked Questions


How do online slot games work?

Slot machines online feature three or five reels with pictures or images. Select whether you want to play for free or not. Paid games have more pot money to win, usually. Of course, free games enables you to win actual money for nothing. The RNG determines when the spinning slots stop. You win if the pictures line up or match a pre-determined combination.

Is it safe to play online?

Player privacy, safety and security are given top priority when it comes to online gaming. Make sure the site you are on is certified. The reason that online slots make it a top priority to provide safety features is because their reputation and future players count on this. In other words, it is bad for their credibility not to do so. You can only be successful online when you have all the safety features in place for your players if you are an online casino owner or operator.

How do I play online slots?

have you been wondering how to play slots online? If you are already an actual slots player in an actual casino, it’s not that different. The online version requires no travel time and maximum jackpot potentials. For this reason, prepare to enjoy yourself immensely. To play online slots all you need to do is register at a casino online of your choice offering games of slots. Complete a process of registration and begin to play. Select whether you want to play in free practice mode or with real money for now. Select the game you want from the selections offered and read the features. Before you begin your game, pay the table.


Online slots are the most popular game online and in actual casinos because they are fun, easy and you can win real money just by pulling the lever. Plus, there are so many choices including three reels and five reels. The best part is that it does not exactly take rocket science to play this game. Anyone can play it as long as you are of legal age in your own state. Before you sit down with your favorite drink in hand to play the afternoon away on your favorite online casino, make sure you know the rules, are of the right age in your state and that you have studied the website you are going to play on for safety measures. Remember, just because you are playing in your own living room does not mean you are not exposed to the online gambling world online, which happens to have global reach. For this reason, taking all the safety and security guidelines will get you far. On that note, have a great time gaming and good luck playing online slots!