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Play Pokies In The Internet - Australia

After pokies were introduced as a viable entertaining option for online gambling, they have become incredibly popular in Australia. Their magnetic graphics and fantastic storylines trap the imaginations of most online pokies’ enthusiasts. Even though the term “online slots” have been popular in America for quite some time, Aussies like to call them “pokies”, which is a spinoff of the term “poker machines”. This is how it goes down down under, as you are likely to hear in the land of Australia.

Before online pokies became so widespread and popular, players could enjoy land based pokies at their local pub. Many pubs in Australia have a gaming spot with some or many of the most popular games for their patrons.

It is however, quite the experience to enjoy the pokies from the comfort of your own home, using your desktop PC, laptop, Ipad, Android, or whichever device you fancy the most. But convenience only scratches the surface of the myriad of advantages that playing online has, in comparison to playing at a Pub.

Let’s start with the obvious (the white elephant in the room!) In a pub, you are most likely drinking. And most likely it is not water! So… what happens when you combine an entertaining pokie game, with impaired decision making caused by alcohol ingestion? You are correct, bad things happen! And you are very likely going to gamble more than you anticipated you would. This directly breaks rule number 1: never gamble or visit a casino if you are drunk.

Ok, we got that out of the way. Now let’s talk about options. You want options, you want many of them. At the pub, you may have (if you are lucky) a dozen machines and some of them will be available while others will remain busy. Your options? Limited.

Now step into the world of online gaming, and what do you have? EVERY GAME available in the industry at your fingertips. Do you want to play Thunderstruck2? Tomb Raider? Lord of the Rings? Big Kahuna? Mermaid Millions? Whatever you like, right when you want it. No hassle, no need to wait in line or to settle with the second best option available.

The payout ratios are also much more favourable to players in online casinos than in land based pokie machines. Whereas the typical payout percentage of land based machines will be in the range of 80%, it is 97% for online pokies. This means, the "house" keeps less money for them when you are playing online.

But we didn’t even start talking about the bonuses you can get when playing online. If you choose any of the online casinos that we selected at OnlinePokies.Me, you will be happy to know that all of them offer attractive welcome and matchup bonuses.

A welcome bonus is an amount of money that the casino deposits in your account when you sign up. Often, a welcome bonus is also a “match-up” bonus, which means they will match a percentage of the amount you deposit for the first time. What percentage? Well, our top selected casino for example, matches your first initial deposit 100% up to AUD1,000. That’s correct, AUD 1K for “free”. Ok, ok… it’s not really free because you do need to deposit your own money too, that’s why it’s called a matchup bonus. But the reality is that if you fork out AUD1K, you end up playing with AUD 2K. Not bad at all… try getting that deal at a Pub :)

There is one catch though, to be able to withdraw your bonus money, you need to “wager” with it a minimum amount of times. How many times you need to wager ultimately depends on the specific casino that is granting you with this bonus, and you need to be aware of these rules beforehand so there are no surprises when you want to withdraw (note however that your own money that you deposited, can be withdrawn any time at your convenience.)

What about payment systems? “It’s easy enough to find a bit of change in my pocket while I’m at the pub, but I don’t care enough to sign up for an online account and use my credit card” we heard a sceptical gambler say once. To that we say: it takes (literally) 2.5 minutes to get setup with your online payment system. And there are so many options that it is impossible not to find one that suits perfectly to your needs.

What is it about the next 2.5 minutes that is so important, that you cannot afford the time to do this? (and claim your 100% welcome bonus) We rest our case..

Another huge advantage of playing online, is that you can play for free. That’s right, you don’t need to deposit any money and you still get to play the game and enjoy hours of entertainment. Especially if you are a beginner always try free online pokies available in the internet for a number of times till you earn confidence in your results. Practice will help you neutralize your tension and stress when you touch the floor for the first time for real money.

So, summing up, why should you play pokies online?

More options (actually, ALL the options, every game available couple of clicks away)

Free money for you (up to AUD 1,000)

Better odds

You can play for free if you want

You can play in any device you want

There’s a customer support team ready to answer any questions you may have (phone/email/chat)

And… we saved this one for the end, there is a small chance (very small, but a chance at least) that you may hit a Progressive Jackpot. This alone means a whole world of difference, and is a strong enough reason to ditch the Pubs and play online instead.

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