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Become an Online Pokies Pro - Follow Our Expert Guide to Playing Slots Smarter and Winning Bigger!

Online pokies, also named online slots, provide convenient access to spinning reel entertainment from your home desktop or mobile device. With hundreds of exciting titles, playing online poker is a popular choice for Kiwi players.

But diving headfirst into online slots without a proper strategy can deplete your bankroll quickly. By learning wise tips and approaches for playing slots, you will optimize your payout potential and enjoy longer, more rewarding gaming sessions.

This guide will cover essential advice for playing online poker successfully. We will look at how to pick profitable, entertaining games suited to your goals, manage your bankroll wisely, understand slot rules and features, and avoid common mistakes.

With the right know-how, spinning online pokies can be great fun while giving you a fair shot at winning real money prizes. Let's start with tips for choosing a reputable online casino site for the best slot experience.

Choosing a Reputable Casino

The first step is finding a licensed, certified online casino with a substantial selection of slots from top providers. Here's what to look for:

• Legal certification - Ensure the site holds a valid license from a trusted regulatory body like the Malta Gaming Authority.
• eCOGRA verified - This certification indicates fair, responsible gaming practices and RNG testing.
• Major providers - Look for slots from leading developers like Microgaming, NetEnt, and Play'n GO.
• Large selection - A library of 200+ slots gives you variety to find favorites.
• Lucrative welcome offers - Grab big match bonuses and free spins to maximize playtime.
• Secure banking - Various trustworthy payment methods and fast payouts.
• Mobile compatibility - Slots optimized for iOS, Android, and web-based play.

Taking a few minutes to verify licensing, game selection, and bonuses will help you find a premier online casino for the ultimate slot experience.

Game Selection Tips

With a significant number of online pokies to choose from, focusing on specific attributes can help identify the best options:

• High RTP - Look for games with 96% or higher RTP for better odds.
• Lower volatility - Less volatile slots payout regularly versus higher variance.
• Max lines/bets - Play all lines at max bet for jackpots.
• Features you like - Target slots with your favorite features like cascading wins.
• Themes you enjoy - Movies, magic, mythology - play themes that resonate.
• Jackpot potential - Try progressives for life-changing prizes.
• Demo mode - Test new slots risk-free first.

Understanding a game's volatility, RTP, max payouts, and special features ensures you pick slots that match your preferences and goals.

Understanding the Rules

Before spinning, take a moment to understand the slot rules and special symbols:
• Paylines - These are the active winning lines you are betting on. Most slots have 20, 25, or 50+ lines.
• Scatters - Scatters pay out when 3+ appear anywhere on the reels, even if not on a payline. They also trigger free spins.
• Wilds - Wild symbols substitute for other symbols to help create winning payline combinations.
• Bonus Games - Special symbols trigger secondary bonus games like free spins, pick bonuses, wheel spins, etc.
• Pay Tables - This shows the value of each symbol combination and rules for casino bonuses and jackpots.

Taking a few moments to learn the pay table and symbol functions will help you formulate strategies to maximize wins and bonuses.

Bankroll Management


Proper bankroll control is necessary to guarantee you get the most entertainment out of your slot play time:
• Set a slots budget - Determine the bankroll you can potentially lose per session.
• Use bonuses - Stretch your budget with welcome and reload bonuses and free spins.
• Set loss limits - Decide on a total loss amount you will accept before quitting.
• Avoid chasing - Accept losses and don't try to recoup by betting bigger.
• Cashout when ahead - Lock in profits by cashing out when you're up.
• Take breaks - Step away if losing frequently or getting fatigued.

You can optimize your play time and minimize losses by establishing innovative limits and practices. Remember, slots are designed to favor the house in the long run.

Strategy and Tips

While slots rely heavily on chance, some proven tips can be implemented:
• Play max lines - More lines give you more chances to win combinations.
• Bet max - Bet the max amount per line to qualify for jackpots.
• Analyze pay tables - Identify games with more frequent payouts.
• Use auto spin - Speed up play while staying on budget using auto spin.
• Set alarms - Use session timers so you don't lose track of time.
• Quit when ahead - Resist the urge to keep playing when you're already up.
• Take advantage of hot streaks - Increase bets when you're hitting frequent payouts.
These tips will help you get the most enjoyment and potential earnings from your online slot play.

Mistakes to Avoid


Some common slot machine mistakes to avoid:
• Playing slots with low RTP - Anything under 94% favors the house heavily.
• Chasing losses - This rarely ends well. Stick to your loss limits.
• Max betting every spin - Have spins at lower amounts to extend playtime.
• Not paying attention to paytables - The payouts and rules impact strategy.
• Ignoring slot features - Don't miss out on bonuses and jackpots.
• Neglecting to set limits - You can overspend without predetermined limits.
• Changing games erratically - Stick with one quality game vs. jumping frequently.

Avoiding these missteps will lead to more responsible slot play, where you can fully maximize your entertainment.

Playing Slots on Mobile

Most online casinos now offer extensive slots libraries optimized for iOS and Android mobile play.

Here's how mobile slots compare:

• Convenience - Play slots anywhere, anytime when out and about.
• Smooth performance - Modern phones have specs to support high-quality slots.
• Special promotions - Some mobile casino bonuses are just for slot app players.
• Flexible payments - Deposit and cash out winnings quickly via mobile.
• Smaller screens - Game graphics and features may be less visible.
• Battery life - Slots can drain your phone battery quicker.
• Connectivity issues - Spotty connections disrupt play.
• Limited selection - Some slots may not be available on mobile.

Online pokies provide endless reel-spinning excitement and enjoyment, especially when equipped with smart tips and strategies. Choosing slots with high RTP percentages and volatility ensures a quality gaming experience.

Setting limits, extending playtime with bonuses, and avoiding common mistakes allows you to maximize potential payouts. Understanding symbols and features lead to bigger wins. With hundreds of creatively themed slots to explore, there is something for all players to enjoy.

While slots ultimately revolve around luck, following best practices optimizes the fun and potential profits. So spin those online reels at top-rated casinos for your chance to win real money prizes from the comfort of your home.

Procedure of betting

The reason for this is driven by the relationship between probability and gambling. As with dice and blackjack, there is a system of odds of aiming to win or lose on roulettes. The methods of betting, based on the previous thing, what they do is to get ahead with previous events that will influence, in a positive way, in the plays to the future.

It can be seen from this point of view that it is a bit confusing, but there is no theory without explanation and that is precisely what will be developed next with the most recognized roulette betting systems.

Fibonacci method

This game system is based, no less, than in a mathematical formula, and its objective is basically to establish the parameters for a player to place their bets. According to Fibonacci, each number is the result of the sum of the previous two.

That is, in a sequence the 1 is the first, and it increases in the following way; 1 + 1 = 2 + 1 = 3 + 2 = 5. With this method, it is considered that bets are made in the same way. For example, if a player starts betting $5, the system, according to Fibonacci, should go like this: 5 + 5 = 10 + 5 = 15 + 10 = 25 + 15 = 40 and so on.

Martingale method

Playing with this system is one of the riskiest ways to participate in roulette, but many players affirm the effectiveness of the method, becoming a world-class technique.This consists in that after each defeat the player doubles their bet, compensating the lost money.

For example, if a person pays two dollars for a red box and loses; it means that the next round must bet 4 dollars on a black square.The dynamic, although simple to understand, can diminish a player’s coffers at an insidious speed. Therefore, it is better to know other methods before embarking on the Martingale.

Cancellation method or Labouchere

As the name implies, this technique consists of putting together a series of numbers and canceling them as the rounds pass. This system is designed for equal bets, so it can be used in red/black boxes and odd and even numbers.To start a bet with the Labouchere method, the first thing to do is break down the amount you want to win in small numbers, for example, 10 dollars can be broken down as follows: 1-1-1-2-2- 2-1.

Once this is done, the numbers of both ends will be taken and added; the result is the amount of money that is going to be bet per spin. This will continue until the central number is reached.In the last two cases, of course, the facts can not be ignored, and, while the employee signs his dismissal letter and receives his liquidation, the player is being exiled from that casino and, probably, from a list that includes unwanted players.

D’Alembert method

Similar to Martingale, it is one of the simplest and, surprisingly, the most effective to use. There are no big risks of losses and, according to the method, the player will get good profits. D’Alembert establishes, then, that with each loss the player must increase his bet one dollar and, after each win, he must reduce it by the same amount.