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Discover the rules of 7 Card Stud

This type of poker came to be one of the most sought after by fans of the game. When Texas Hold’em appeared, it achieved equal or greater popularity than 7 Card Stud, so the game of poker lost a bit of relevance. Despite all the competition and the advantages offered by other forms of poker, 7 Card Stud continues on the list of the most played in the sites dedicated to this activity. As in other versions of poker, there are rules, methods, and formulas to understand the process of the game. The rules, in most cases, are very easy to handle, being the most complicated to learn the diversity of procedures and ways to make attractive profits. This can take time to learn and be an expert, but with tenacity and interest, everything is possible.

The cards that are known as community belong to the Omaha and Texas Hold’em poker games, which represent one of the most sought after categories in this category. With regard to 7 Card Stud, each player must obtain the cards and, only, they have the possibility of using them. In each of the hands, only 4 cards out of a total of 7 that you have in another player will be shown. With this action, you will have a good overview of the decks that count. The game is available to players in the most visited places where poker is played. However, it is less used than other versions of the game, lowering activity to a minimum at certain times of the day.

Regulation of 7 Card Stud

The game consists of 52 decks, each with a different value. As in several poker modalities, the Aces can present different values that can be high or low. Other varieties of poker use bets called “blinds”, with the objective that there is always a fund available in the pot. On the contrary, anticipation is used in this poker game. It consists of a small bet, canceled by all participants, which is done long before the cards are distributed.

By choosing a player as a dealer, you can start the hand. To differentiate it from the others, a “button” will appear on the front of the dealer, identifying the location of the dealer. To begin, they will be split starting with the player placed to the left of the mark.

At the end of each hand, the point will move and the other locations will slide in the clockwise direction on the game table. When the payment of the first bet has been finalized, you can begin to distribute the initial cards.

Starting from the left of the dealer, 2 decks will be given to each one, face down, receiving 1 that will be visible to all. The decks that cannot be seen are known as hidden and the one that is exposed upwards is identified as the “door” deck. This forms the beginning of the hand.

Starting the first round, there will be four to be specified. Whoever has the “door” card with the lowest denomination, must pay the “bring” bet, the amount will go according to the amounts of that specific game.

Continuing with the play, starting from this player and clockwise, the position must be taken care of in all the modalities of the poker since when acting with a lot of frequency, you will be exposed and the other players will see your options before you can configure an intelligent strategy.

There are 3 possibilities to play in this situation. One of them is “Call” and makes a bet based on the current one, placing one similar to the larger one that was made in the round that ended, forming the amount of the big blind in the initial round of bets.

Likewise, it is possible to “Increase” the amount of the bet, placing a larger one than the previous one; at least, it should be twice as much. Another way is to select “Fold”, that is, discard your decks and retire. This will leave you out of the possibility of obtaining the accumulated and investing in a new record.

All the movement will continue in the clockwise direction, while the players bet until the highest bet is made or they leave the game. When making a big blind bet and there are no players who climb while their turn comes, they can certify.

With this step, you will be making a high bet, without having to place chips in the accumulated one, since they already have the amount of the biggest bet. When the round ends, the fourth street begins with a letter uncovered to each player.

Most recommended machines

As with slots, in video poker, determining the variance can make the difference between fruitful rounds or devastating losses.

For experienced players, this level of “frequency of charge” comes directly from the payment tables that each machine is exposed -virtual and live-. Thus, it can easily be concluded whether it is worth or not to bet money on said machine.

Why is it important to calculate this? The enumeration that the pay tables establish provides a percentage of the frequency with which the players will charge some money. This can be short and long term, but the idea is always to look for the best reward.

A gambler unfamiliar with video poker and its variances, you can consult several at a time. What the experts recommend is to go for the options of casinos that show their tables, with reliable percentages.

The higher the percentage, the more payments will be received, be it Jackpots or not. However, in a global concept, each machine works in accordance with the game and experience.

A question of credit

Generally, video poker machines reach a Jackpot limit equivalent to four thousand coins, with five slots accordingly. However, to take the opportunity of the big pots, it is necessary to play a considerable amount of hands.

According to the credit, a couple of things are defined. However, the limit of 4 thousand coins can be surpassed by five thousand Jackpots, or up to 10 thousand, increasing the possibilities.

This does not mean that the prizes are going to happen to each other. In fact, at the beginning of this article, it has become clear how astronomical are the possibilities of winning a consecutive jackpot. But, as no one dares to be disgusted with a good reward, they must keep their eyes open to the variants that bring the rewards.

What is the purpose of all this? Online casinos are going to offer their bettors to immerse themselves in video poker with various progressive jackpots. However, what you should pay attention to is the maximum amount of coins. Always, but always, you have to resort to those that admit as much credit as possible.


Probably for a novice player, the benefits of video poker are not immediately exposed. Fortunately, for ignorance, there is an infallible antidote: the ability. This, of course, does not fall from the sky by force of prayers. It develops with sharpness and sufficient determination to learn and train the senses around an objective: the reward.

What is the best way to develop competencies? Practicing the disastrous rounds are necessary to sharpen, to become an excellent strategist and to know that not everything depends on the computations and generators of numbers.

There will be those who lose some money before truly making a profit, but for those who are not willing to sacrifice themselves, there are always the beta-free options, in which to develop these skills.

The Internet is a sea endowed with these alternatives. However, it is always recommended to choose those with more prestige and reliability, such as Bet365 Casino, for example.


Video poker is a game and, as such, has its strategic art. Learn and apprehend for themselves, is part of the most laborious task that players have to travel.

The first steps allow the most basic notions: to know which letters are suitable, how to use them and at that moment. This does not mean that the process is drastically facilitated, but it goes that it doses it in quantity.

Going for the basics is not always the wisest decision, but that should not become an excuse to accept help from games with simulators, tips and some manuals with tricks. In the case of the game in its virtual format, with going to the Configuration, it is enough to activate those little tabs that indicate what to do in a given point.

The idea is not to close, accept the errors and let it be the same machine that helps to amend them. Thus, each reproduction will be a new game opportunity that can bring millionaire rewards. Maybe, even, a double boat.