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Australian Authorities Get Tough on Prohibited Offshore Gambling Targeting Residents

Australian Authorities Get Tough on Prohibited Offshore Gambling Targeting Residents
Posted on December 21, 2023

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has recently issued warnings to multiple online gambling operators for allegedly breaching local gambling rules, reports a journalist from New Zealand. According to an article by Gambling Insider, the ACMA found that several offshore gambling sites appeared to be illegally offering their services to Australian residents.

The ACMA is the official Australian regulator for online content and communications. It has the authority to block access to websites and issue fines to companies found in breach of Aussie gambling legislation. In this case, ACMA officials discovered some licensed gambling providers operating without permission within the Australian market.

Specifically, the regulator suggested Betchoice Corporation, Blue Whale Entertainment, and Nodebest Entertainment allowed Australians to access casino-style games and sports betting through their global sites. However, based on current records, none of these companies hold valid local licenses to offer gambling in Australia.

Australia maintains strict laws around online gambling enforced by the ACMA; only locally approved and adequately licensed bookmakers, casinos, lottery providers, and other gaming services can legally accept bets from the country's residents. The inclusion of offshore platforms violates these well-established regulations.

By serving warnings instead of immediate action, the ACMA hopes the named operators will review the relevant legislation and make any necessary changes to comply. If the issues continue, the companies could face fines, blocklisting, and other harsher penalties. So, while the regulators aim to give them opportunities to fix the problems initially, that leniency won't last long.

For more details on the ACMA warnings and to view the source article referenced in this piece, visit:


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