An old option that comes wider than ever: Break Away Deluxe

In the gaming industry, you can see various ways to find fun, whether, with old or new games; you always have the opportunity to enjoy the opportunities available in this incredible and wide world.

A great option to consider is the old games, which you usually see renewed with a new version, is the case of Break Away Deluxe Microgaming.

On the other hand, Storm craft has brought out a next generation of the slot game that has been the favorite of many, but now with the name of Break Away Deluxe, considered a rather improved version of the original because it has more action. Its launch was on July 17, in a live format, so it is currently available on online platforms such as Spin Palace.

From now on, thanks to the dynamics that any hockey simulation game would provide, the return of options such as RollingReels ™ or FreenSpins return directly from the first game. But among the new opportunities, are the Growing Wilds ™ which is a super stack, and also a function called Smashing Wild ™ which makes the game have a gigantic capacity.

The betting options are also quite varied; it is possible to choose between four completely different ones! The 18 lines are available, but also the 38, 68, up to the 88 lines. This entire means that you have a great capacity to increase the power of high profits in a considerable way.

The destruction of ice as a form of fun

If you are a fan of the original Break-Away version, there is no doubt that Break Away Deluxe is a great option that will exceed expectations. Among the differences that can be seen it is easy to see various improvements such as graphics or even the inclusion of some additional features.

But not everything is so different from the original, since it can feel perfectly as if you were in the middle of a hockey game in person, all thanks to the sound of the crowd as they applaud and, of course, the ice that cracks during the arrival of the Rolling Reels ™, who separate as the multipliers grow.

The whole game takes place in a fairly fast, fun and even dynamic rhythm, which is located in a background that looks quite like ice. It is played on one of the unique 5×5 grids, which are complemented by set symbols and sound effects that make everything a little more realistic.

With the movement of the 88 lines it is quite possible to increase the chances of a victory in this slot game so interesting, but also, due to the new features it uses, it is possible to obtain even the 3,100 of the total bet, but this happens only after accumulating a certain amount of multipliers.

The best way to play

When the payment line is chosen at 88, it is possible to display an RTP that reaches 96.88%. One of the characteristics that attract the most is the volatility that the game can have, which means that although the action is quite fast in some cases; the payments take some time to accumulate. But this is not all bad since, after the free spins and multipliers are activated, it reaches a certain point at which the profits can be gigantic.

In addition, from all of the above, there is a general success rate that reaches 32.16%, and it is possible to place bets between 18 and 44 coins on each roll.

Winnings are paid from the left to the right in most cases, but when the scatter symbol comes to light it is possible to see how the pay occurs in any situation. But in these, they cannot multiply the winnings by the bet that was made on the line – unlike all the others – apart from all this, only the highest amount is paid per line.

It is a really exciting game for gambling fans thanks to the special features it has, and there is nothing more satisfying than the sound of hockey sticks when a super pile comes into action. Among the symbols, you can see the Zambonis, ice skates, safety helmets, the tracks, players on the ice that are in-game, even referees.

It’s fantastic! The player wearing the red jersey is one of the most rewarding when it comes to obtaining it; it is not possible to miss that opportunity.

The most special features

Something incredible about Break Away Deluxe is the fact that the logo is one of the symbols used for the wild card, and only appears on rollers such as 3, 4 and even 5, only in the base game, but on rollers such as on 2, 3 and 4 it is possible to see it in the free spins function. As can be seen in several slot options, the replacement of all symbols is imminent – except for clear – of the scatter. The exciting thing about all this is that everything is super piled, no matter what option you have, satisfaction is at all times.

The Break Away Deluxe is a truly fun game that serves to make the laughter of more than one lover of the sport of hockey, and all thanks to the large amount of bonuses that can be taken out of the sleeve.

The possibility of having more chances to win is imminent due to options such as the Rolling Reels or even the Multiplier Trails, so if the emotion of ice is a passion, Break Away Deluxe additionally gives you the satisfaction of playing it with great prizes in real money, an opportunity that few would afford to lose, as it really is worth it.


The idea of the Terminator 2 movie is encapsulated excellently in the slot machine game as it is depicted in the slot game with clips from the movie and some futuristic images and animations. The reels and the symbols used in the game are also full of Terminator 2 effect.

About the actual Terminator 2 slot machine game

The Terminator 2 slot like any other slot game starts with a spin and if it doesn’t let you win anything in this version of the game, then the T-800 vision feature might get activated. This will actually give you the Terminators perspective or vision to destroy by scanning the target. The players are advised to exclusively look for the top end symbols as they give you the opportunity to win lucrative cash prizes. The biggest possible win in the Terminator 2 slot game is given by the T-1000 symbol, but for this one you get a scattered symbol as the players are allowed with only 1 to play the free spin feature.

In the Terminator 2 slot games, any player gets 10 free spins. This gives you reasonably more chance to win as the number of a given free spins gives 5 x 4 reel set with as many as 1024 different ways to win. The T-1000 symbol in the Terminator 2 slot game is critically important and it will transform when part of the free spins combines with any other character symbol. This feature will give the player the most lucrative symbol possible in the game in order to give you the best opportunity for winning the maximum amount possible on that spin.

Some important symbols and features used in the Terminator 2 slot game

The terminator 2 slot game gives you 243 ways of winning in the game along with using its special features as well. The incredible graphics, animations and symbols used in the game will really make you relive the Terminator 2 movie again. The following are the main symbols and features used in the Terminator 2 slot game:

  • Wild Symbol – It helps you to win really lucrative cash prizes in the game. It can be deployed for replacing any symbol except the scatter in the game.
  • Scatter Symbol – By revealing 3 – 5 of the scatter symbols, the player enters the free spins level of the game, thus giving you a lot more chances to win.
  • Free spins and the T-1000 character – The T-1000feature in the game is just like the bad T-1000 robot in the movie which Arnold was looking to stop. The T-1000 feature will be seen frequently when the player is in the free spins round. It is an obstacle as it can easily replace the symbol which can win you big, lucrative cash prizes in the free spins round.
  • T-800 vision – It is an excellent feature which keeps the game lively and entertaining. The feature is used to scan the best prizes in the game and let the players go for it.