Major Million’s Slot Game Review

A most popular video slot machine game based on five reels and fifteen payline that means Major Millions has five spinning reels from which to form your winning combinations. The original game is based on three reels and three lines. You are qualified a higher payline for putting every single coin. After stopping the reels, the system checks the symbols combination according to each qualified Payline.

Major Millions slot machineThe Major Million’s game symbols are wild multiplier symbols, scatter symbols.

Theme and sound effect of this game is military theme with exquisite graphics containing the Major, Major’s hat, tank, battleship, airplane, medals, and top-secret letter, ammunition and field binoculars.

You will be required to have an online casino account to play Major Million’s game. You also can win the real prizes when you can play with real currency.


Major Million’s games have two type interfaces, one is a three payline, three reels and another is fifteen payline, five reels. Three payline, three reels is the original version and this is a real money online slot. The coin size of the game is fixed to one dollar. You have to bet three coins to meet the requirements for the progressive jackpot. On the third payline, if the three Major Million’s symbols are appeared and placed a bet of three coins, you win the progressive jackpot.

Another version is the enhanced version of the original Major Million’s game. It’s also mentioned as Viper Slot. This is mainly a video slot. In this slot you can win big. The fixed twenty cents coin size is used in this slot and you can place a maximum bet of fifteen coins. Your payout will be multiplied by three, when you win the slot. You can win the jackpot, when five Major Million’s symbols look on the fifteenth payline.


A very high standard progressive slot is available in two versions and three currencies. Both versions pay into the same increasing progressive jackpot. Progressive jackpot of the Major Millions game is initiated at USD 25,000 and raises while waiting for its winner. It can extend a lot of hundreds, thousand or even millions of dollars, euros, pounds. The lucky player can be reached and it could be you. After then jackpot retains its initial points and immediately starts increasing once more.

Game Mode

There are two gaming modes for casino, one is Regular Mode and others is Expert Mode. The most common and typical game mode is Regular Mode it has no advanced features. On the other hand advanced features are offered by Expert Mode and also containing all the features of Regular Mode game.

The auto play mode is also available and you can set it from the auto play button. After clicking the auto play button it lunch auto play menu and with this menu you can select spins number, time delay between each spin and control various stop settings. Without having any interaction with the software, auto play allows you to play this game automatically with a selected amounts of continual spins. Major Milloin’s game also has two spinning button mode, one Spin 5X, this means the spin button automatically clicked for five times, another is Spin 10X this means button automatically clicked for ten times.


Regular Payout Schedule

Compensated on this game is reliant on the payline’s displayed symbols after the reels come to stop. Must be met the following conditions to yield a fixed winning combination –

  • The signs must be following to each other.
  • Emolument from left side to right side.
  • On the main function reel, must be displayed at least one symbol.
  • Not eligible to pay out for an icon arrangement on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th slot reels.

How to Play

To play the Major Million’s game you have to do the subsequent:

» Select and click the amount of pay lines.
» Click the lines button to increase the amount of play lines you want to bet.
» You can click the Coins button to boost the number of coins.
» The increase (+) or decrease (-) button is used to raise or reduce the coin size.
» Click Bet Max button to bet maximum number of coins.
» When you click the Spine button, the will reels start spinning.
»To spin the wheel five (5) times, press 5x
» To spin the wheel ten (10) times, press 10x
» If you press the button Auto play the spin moves automatically.

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