The Queen of the Crystal Rays slot is the best fun of all times

In slot games, there is always an interesting debate due to the large number of options to choose from when it is time to start playing. More when you have prior knowledge about some of the proposals, the dilemma may become simpler.

One of the options that more attention has been called lately is that of Queen of the Crystal Rays, a game that is possible thanks to the joint collaboration of Crazy Tooth Studios, and of course, Microgaming. Best of all, it is only a matter of too little time for it to come to light, with the goal of entertaining more than one person at a time.

And it was in February of this year when it was confirmed at the hands of the game developer that a contract had been signed with Microgaming, giving users the opportunity to play proposals for newer and more interesting casinos, such as Arctic Valor, their first launching. Now Queen of the Crystal Rays is expected to meet quite broad expectations for anyone who wants it, no matter if she plays from a mobile device or a desktop computer.

The mystical waits


The first thing you have to know about this slot machine is that you will enter fully into a kind of completely new universe, in which the protagonists are phosphorescent colors, bright neon lights, glass, gold, stained glass and even a protagonist with unrivaled hair. Once the game starts, it is a brief introduction that takes the first steps for an experience that few would expect.

Beyond the lights

The configuration of this game is truly something unique since you can see 6 reels in about 4 rows of different symbols, but not only that, it also has almost 50 lines of active payments. Something important to note is that Queen of the Crystal Rays works based on a system called Any Adycente Pays ™, which means that to be the winner in a game, it is enough to have 3 or more symbols that are identical on a single pay line.

But it is known that in some adjacent reels, it is possible to access a higher payment, which means that if they are obtained in bets, the winnings will be multiplied more than expected.

The Crazy Tooth Studios and Microgaming companies have been given the task of ensuring the entry of as many people as possible; regardless of the type of wallet they have or even the budget as such. A perfect example of this is the minimum per move, is $0.20, the amount that increases to the absurd rate of $50, so the sizes of the stakes are quite compatible.

An interesting point is that the RTP reaches 97.75%, in addition to that it is a slot classified in the volatility of the medium. For an expert, all this translates into potential profits, important sums that are closer to what anyone would think; it is only a matter of analyzing a little.

The overall slot game jackpot reaches 2,597.45 of what the initial bet asked for, so it is a great opportunity to play when you have a lot of ambition.

A spectacular design

An important part of every slot is the visual quality that it has, and that is that Queen of the Crystal Rays has the advantage that they are truly impressive. It can be mention – just to give an idea – the rays that come on and that can change the trajectory in a very dynamic way since when the lights hit the glass, it is possible to see a kaleidoscope with beautiful colors.

The animations and the graphics, in general, are also quite remarkable since these can stand out with each turn that is made, you can even appreciate an auditory setting that allows you to get even more into the game.

Bonuses a very important step

Pure style bums that the only Microgaming can offer, the Queen of the Crystal Rays has some very interesting additional features included.

In the first instance, you can count on the Bonus Scatter, which stands out for having some colors, such as blue and pink, which are gratifying for the eyes. But on top of that, you can start a bonus round as soon as 3 or even more roll out – regardless of the place, it should be noted – and you can also multiply the winnings from the total bet.

It should be noted that the symbol can be paid in any of the positions, which means that it is not necessary to land it on a certain payment line so that the combo can be seen.

Miscellaneous features

Queen of the CrystalRay as a function is impressive, that is because it can start in any of the turns, and it is something random. Once activated, it is possible to see how the 25 additional pay lines come together to make an increase in power, and in this way, it makes the player have more chances to win. In addition to all that, some of the rays are also activated; this means that the symbols become wildcards or even multipliers.

This bonus feature in the Queen of the Crystal Rays needs 3 or even more Catters, and when this starts, you can easily see the opportunity to use 4 rounds with bonuses.

In summary, it can be concluded that Queen of the Crystal Rays is a jewel that every betting fan needs to try since it has a chance to win that few would really expect.


The idea of the Terminator 2 movie is encapsulated excellently in the slot machine game as it is depicted in the slot game with clips from the movie and some futuristic images and animations. The reels and the symbols used in the game are also full of Terminator 2 effect.

About the actual Terminator 2 slot machine game

The Terminator 2 slot like any other slot game starts with a spin and if it doesn’t let you win anything in this version of the game, then the T-800 vision feature might get activated. This will actually give you the Terminators perspective or vision to destroy by scanning the target. The players are advised to exclusively look for the top end symbols as they give you the opportunity to win lucrative cash prizes. The biggest possible win in the Terminator 2 slot game is given by the T-1000 symbol, but for this one you get a scattered symbol as the players are allowed with only 1 to play the free spin feature.

In the Terminator 2 slot games, any player gets 10 free spins. This gives you reasonably more chance to win as the number of a given free spins gives 5 x 4 reel set with as many as 1024 different ways to win. The T-1000 symbol in the Terminator 2 slot game is critically important and it will transform when part of the free spins combines with any other character symbol. This feature will give the player the most lucrative symbol possible in the game in order to give you the best opportunity for winning the maximum amount possible on that spin.

Some important symbols and features used in the Terminator 2 slot game

The terminator 2 slot game gives you 243 ways of winning in the game along with using its special features as well. The incredible graphics, animations and symbols used in the game will really make you relive the Terminator 2 movie again. The following are the main symbols and features used in the Terminator 2 slot game:

  • Wild Symbol – It helps you to win really lucrative cash prizes in the game. It can be deployed for replacing any symbol except the scatter in the game.
  • Scatter Symbol – By revealing 3 – 5 of the scatter symbols, the player enters the free spins level of the game, thus giving you a lot more chances to win.
  • Free spins and the T-1000 character – The T-1000feature in the game is just like the bad T-1000 robot in the movie which Arnold was looking to stop. The T-1000 feature will be seen frequently when the player is in the free spins round. It is an obstacle as it can easily replace the symbol which can win you big, lucrative cash prizes in the free spins round.
  • T-800 vision – It is an excellent feature which keeps the game lively and entertaining. The feature is used to scan the best prizes in the game and let the players go for it.